New Website for the London Real Apple TV App

The website for the London Real Apple TV app is finally live at

23.9.2016 Know Your Talents and Unleash Your Super Powers

How do you know your talents and strengths? This 5 step framework helps to objectively identify and leverage your potential.

17.9.2016 The Official London Real Apple TV App is Finally Here

The new version of London Real on the Apple TV is our real MVP. We now have a viable product!

9.9.2016 Where Focus Fails and How All-Rounders Get Shit Done

You have a lot going on in your life? Learn how to be an ultra productive renaissance man.

7.9.2016 Where's the London Real Apple TV App Going?

It's been a while. Now I'm back at it. This is where we are and where we're headed.

4.9.2016 What If Your Unconscious Negates Self Development?

Do subconscious fears sabotage your growth? Use this 5 step practice to reprogram your brain for success.

15.5.2016 7 Lessons from the London Real Business Accelerator

What is the LRBA? Should you apply? Here I answer these questions and summarize what I learned.

24.12.2015 Interview

21.12.2015 Judgement Day

20.12.2015 The Agile Mind

1.11.2015 The MVP Emerges