Implement Your Idea and Boost Your Business
With a Custom App that Performs

Sebastian is Information Engineer (M.Sc.) and founder of Flowtoolz. He started coding 23 years ago and developed apps of for startups as well as big players. He also brought London Real TV to the new Apple TV, from concept to release. Read more about everything on our Blog.


Got a great business or idea? We don't just build the app.

We also understand your goal, help you work out a strategy and then build exactly the app that lets you implement your vision.
We empower your whole journey, from concept and design over implementation and testing to marketing and release.
We bring your app to the right platforms. Whether it's phones, TV or the web. We make it fully customized and deeply engaging.


Our Conviction

We are experienced, principled and oppinionated software craftsmen who believe there often is a right and a wrong way to do things.

Agile is not a marketing buzzword to us. We carry the ideas of the agile manifesto in our hearts. All our work rests on the following three principles.

Domain-Driven Design

We immerse ourselves into your application domain and model its mechanics together with you. We are convinced that a deep understanding of the domain makes for excellent software and excellent partnerships.

Our domain-driven approach entails that we are not attached to any technology. Instead we apply the technologies that best serve your goal.


We sustain development speed even in late stages of complex projects because we apply test-driven development and produce clean code and architecture.

Since clean architecture yields highly reusable code, we're constantly growing a code library that powers development accross different projects.

Rapid Iteration

Delivering in rapid iterations allows us to scale the product with the invested resources and to react quickly to new information.

With each iteration, we deliver a viable product by implementing the feature that offers the greatest return of investment.


Flowtoolz is a network of passionate software artists who love turning exciting ideas into reality. We collaborate with selected experts from all kinds of professional backgrounds like computer science, fine arts, industrial design, business administration and online marketing.

Our guys and girls are partners rather than employees. They are proactive, self-reliant, creative, independent and passionate. The benefits for you:

You don't just get high quality but also innovation, style and a unique perspective.
You get a wide range of services from people who understand the context of your project.
You get exactly the expertise that applies to your unique project. From real specialists.


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If you share a bit about your goal, idea or product, you qualify for one Free Consulting Session where we analyse your goal and clarify how your strategy and/or app should look like.